The Team


Robin Passionate, Driven, and Ambitious. She is always ready for adventures and challenges.


Ros Roslyn loves challenges, learning, and a good laugh. Chilling with friends, discovering yummy vegetarian food, lifting, and trawling museums/art galleries are past times she finds extremely fulfilling.


Mitchelle is an idealist who believes that positivity is everywhere as long as you set your heart out to find it. Oh, and sweet potato anything is her absolute favourite.

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Why Made Real?

We hope to tackle the increasing problem of body-image dissatisfaction in our generation, which is closely associated with eating disorders and obesity. To shape a community conducive to recovery and health improvement for these individuals, we promote open discourse to eliminate the taboo of a destructive self- and body- image. Body image dissatisfaction refers to a perceived gap between one’s actual and perceived body image. Such concerns are exacerbated by media and peer pressure towards a socially ideal weight and body shape, in addition to a high-stress schooling and working environment.

While eating disorders are regarded by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a mental disorder, obesity is recognised as a chronic physical illness. Such classification creates a stigma that deters sufferers from seeking treatment. Both are products of an unhealthy relationship with food, and result in various physiological, psychological, and social difficulties. In a preliminary survey we did among Singaporean youths, a majority (92%) of the respondents felt affected by their body shape or size frequently or periodically. Slightly more than half of the respondents also felt either unsatisfied or very unsatisfied with their body size. When meeting someone new, most (68%) were only confident periodically or rarely, and were afraid of being judged because of their body size or shape. Furthermore, a startling majority of respondents (77%) were not at their ideal body size and/or shape.