Made Real Balanced Box: Holiday Edition

Holiday Healthy Snacks

The holiday season approaches, with promises of good food, quality time with friends and family, and ample festivities. We help you get through the holidays in health with an array of cocktail-inspired snacks, ranging from the virgin pina colada (for all the tropical beach-bums out there!) to the fuss-free margarita granola. Take your pick, there's something to please everyone! 

1. Margarita Granola

By Eastern Granola

This delicious mix contains all the fiber you need. Fiber has been shown to aid in weight loss among obese people, because it increases the feeling of fullness. Not only that, fiber also lower the risk of heart diseases and stroke risk!
Daily Juice for Made Real Singapore2. Mojito Wheels (For Fruit-infused Water)

By Daily Juice

Soak in water for a tasty way to stay hydrated. Crucially, this keeps your skin looking good and helps maintain balance of body fluids, which is essential for optimal blood circulation and nutrient absorption.

3. Virgin Pina Colada 

A perfect mix of superfoods, containing essential nutrients for our body. Coconuts are highly nutritious and very rich in fibre and they contain a wide range of vitamins including vitamin C, E, B1, B3, B5 and B6, which are all essential for our body’s immune system. Pineapples provide an abundance of Vitamin C which can help our body absorb iron and promotes the health of our bones, connective tissues, blood vessels and muscles.

Spatula & Whisk for Made Real Singapore

4. Semi Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies (25% Less Sugar)

By Spatula & Whisk

A delicious and healthier way to indulge in a chocolatey treat! Made with 25% less sugar, it will reduce the overall caloric consumption your day and mitigate weight gain! Eating chocolate releases phenyl-ethylamine aka “the love drug”, because it arouses feelings similar to those that occur when one is in love!

5. Mango Cosmo 

A great way to get in your daily dose of Vitamin A and C to keep your skin healthy and your body immune system strong respectively. Both mango and cranberries are high in these vitamins. Our body needs both of these vitamins to keep us healthy inside out. The essentials for a healthy pair of teeth, skin, and muscles.

6. Munchies 

A mix which is very high in fibre. Both dark chocolate and almonds contain fiber, which is essential for the proper functioning of the digestive tract. Fiber can lower blood sugar, cut cholesterol and prevent colon cancer. Not only that, fiber also keeps us full longer so we can have a better control over our diet and prevent us from binging!

Made Real Balanced Box

Write-ups contributed by Junhao, American College of Exercise (ACE) - Nutritionist Certified. A personal trainer dedicated to pass on his knowledge and experience on health & fitness.