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Hello hello!

I’m back in Singapore after 4 days in bangkok, and while I miss holidaying, I can’t say I miss the food. I seriously can’t wait to jump back in to my fruity carby lifestyle! Anyway, here’s a workout for the shoulders. This is also the last workout guide and the next two posts will be sample workouts that I do in the gym!

OH YES, please ignore my very horrible-looking morning face for the photos. I literally jumped out of bed at 8am after a late night, rushed down to the gym, paid $8.55 to take photos for 30 minutes, did some deadlifts and then rushed home to pack my luggage for bangkok. Hence the very terrible & awkward turtle-looking face.

Warm up

Do some arm circles, and that’s about it! We’ll be doing warm up sets instead for our arms workout. Do 1-2 warm up sets of about 20 reps with lighter weights for the following exercises and you are good to go!


1. Arnold dumbbell press


1-2 warm up set + 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps

In this exercise, you basically have to get your arms from the start position in the picture to the end position. The picture in the middle of the start and end is the transition :)

2. Dumbbell shoulder press

1-2 warm up set + 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps

Okay in the starting position, your upper arms are supposed to be parallel to the ground. As you can see in the pic, my arms are not parallel because the photo was caught while I was in the action of doing the workout. And hence. :)

3. Front delt raises

1-2 warm up set + 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps

You can do this with a slightly lighter weight because I realised that at least for myself, a heavier weight tends to lead to me using my traps, a.k.a the area between the shoulders and the neck, but I want to focus more on the front delts.

4. Rear delt flys


1-2 warm up set + 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps

I also like to use relatively lighter weights here. For the same reason as exercise no. 3. If you can use heavier weights without pulling your shoulders to your neck or putting yourself in an unnatural position, you can do so by all means :) Training the rear debts are very important for good posture as well. We don’t want muscle imbalances like the front felt being much stronger than the rear delts, which causes the shoulders the be pulled forward.



Do this for the left and right shoulders :)

Hold for ~30-40 seconds and do 2 sets per side.

Tadaaaaa. That’s all folks! Catch you in 3 days with a sample workout plan! Off to watch a movie now heh heh. Missing the massage in bkk already. Mewwwwww :(

Veronica Ang

Written by Veronica Ang

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