Stay On Track With Your Goals: 3 Go-to Apps For Self-Improvement

A quarter of the year has passed. If you feel like you have not gained much momentum in completing your New Year's Resolutions, now is the time to keep your mental and physical health in check with these 3 life changing applications. I have been using these three apps for some time now and they have helped me to build a good fitness routine, stay present and be more grateful. I can definitely attribute my elevated sense of happiness to these three apps, so I would like to share the goodness with you!
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1) Get Creative With Class Passes    
Platforms like KFIT allow you to discover and book a wide variety of fitness classes. These apps have revolutionized the way we think about gym/studio memberships because you only pay a monthly fee, and unlock a diverse range of sports and fitness activities - from HIIT bootcamps to pole dancing. If you want to achieve a sustainable fitness regime, this is a great way to keep your motivation level high, as you will never get bored. For an overall boost in confidence, the app allows you to treat yourself with a spa sesh or haircut as well.
What I like: Affordable & value-for-money, wide variety 
Tips: Works well if you join with a friend, to overcome any hesitation in trying a new activity!
Available on iOS and Android
2) Give Pause, Learn Focus 
Enter HeadSpace - A guided journey of meditation and calm, led by mindfulness expert Andy Puddicome. The full pack gives you the chance to deepen your meditation practice. The lessons are categorized by levels so you can track your progress. It also offers meditation practice on different aspects of life like managing relationships, becoming more creative and achieving productive. We are worrisome creatures in this fast paced society - this meditation app is apt for helping us focus on being more present, instead of worrying about the future. The simple and intuitive app offers 10 trial sessions, following which you can purchase a monthly subscription. 
What I like: Easy to use, great for beginners without prior experience 
Tips: Trust in the process, follow the instructions
Available on iOS and android 
3) Introspect, Stay On Track 
Often, we think about greener pastures on the other side or ask ourselves "What's next?" after checking off our goals. In order to be truly happy, we have to be grateful for what we already have. The 5 Minute Journal lets you check in in the morning and list 3 things you're grateful for, ways you can make today great and daily affirmations. At night, you list 3 amazing things that happened today and how it could have been better. This helps to reframe the mind every morning, so you can start the day right immediately after waking up, and every night. This way, you avoid incessant worrying about the future, and bring your focus back to the present.
What I like: Doesn't take a lot of time, reframes my thought processes
Tips: Essential to make it part of your morning and night routine
Feel free to leave me any questions in the comments section below. Good luck! 
Hazel Teng WellnessHazel (@hazelllette) hopes to help you attain the lifestyle you want through bit sized articles on mental health, yoga, strength training, and nutrition. And lots of experimentation on her part. Xx

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