3 Baby Steps To Start Meditating!


If you think that meditation is just for the robed guru, you are missing out big time. Over the past few years, the benefits of mediation have picked up great attention. Meditation has the ability to boost one’s life to a whole new level, greatly increasing focus, calmness and positivity.
These videos have helped me get started on my meditation journey, and I hope they guide you too!
Step 1: Seek inspiration
Before embarking on anything new, it is best to begin with some inspiration. Meet other meditators, read books and get excited about your meditation journey! Meditation assists your memory, concentration ability and will inevitably spill over to your career success! In this video, Rossi explores the scientific evidence on the power of mindfulness for the human mind.
Step 2: Get Started
Everything you need to do is practice, practice, practice. Meditation may be arduous initially so first start with 5 minutes. Just like physical training, you need to be patient. Don’t give up. I used to think meditation is just for weirdos but I was totally wrong! This psychologist shows us that meditation is for everyone. Begin with baby steps. Once a habit is created, you can see its power!
Step 3: Moving on
Once you get into the groove of meditation, move onto longer durations, such as 15 minutes. You can practice it before you go to sleep, or right after you wake up. Once you have established a routine, meditation will be much easier to follow. A short and simple guide that is easy to follow, from a YouTube Channel, Bexlife. The channel was started by meditation and yoga instructor Rebekah Borucki.

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