3 Tips to Indulge Without Worrying

You probably opened this because you want to know how you can indulge without worrying this festive season (or at any other time, really); you did not come to the wrong place. In this article, I share with you ways on how we often fall prey to overeating (and ultimately having to go a pant size up for the new year) and 3 useful health tips on how we can beat this.

The festive season brings a whole lot of goodies and great food that we rarely get to enjoy the rest of the year. Do not worry – you will still get to enjoy all of them. This article brings you actionable steps to make change (no, you will not need to starve yourself).

  1. Skipping meals is BAD

Foregoing breakfast is a sad thing to do

It might make sense at first glance. I mean, eating less means less calorie intake, right?

Throw that thought right out of the window. It is wrong. Some people might have reported weight loss in the short-term but you will be at higher risk of gaining belly fat. This happens when your liver does not detect insulin in your blood (will not happen if you have had food), it continues producing glucose in your body. This excess glucose is then stored in your body as fat. 

Another reason why you should not be skipping meals is the fact that it makes you even more starved. This feeling of starvation acts on you to consume more in your next meal. This is how we often fall prey to overeating and drinking during the festive seasons. So stop forgoing lunch for that office party later. It is not worth it.

Eat normally during the day. Be strategic – avoid the food you do not love at the party. It would be even better if you split your regular meals into 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism going. It also helps to keep our blood sugar levels from fluctuating throughout the day.

And if you have been skipping your breakfast, check out this easy recipe to kick-start your day with.

  1. Sleep deprivation leads to weight gain

Getting sufficient sleep 

You might be surprised to see this here but this is included because of how negatively it affects our diets. Most of us are immensely tied down with work that we easily fall prey to having less sleep by working into the night. I shall not even mention about the late night parties this festive season. 

Lack of sleep increases our appetite in the day. This happens because we are more susceptible to high levels of the stress hormone – cortisol – when we do not get sufficient sleep. Let’s face it: when we are tired and hungry, we are not going to be reaching out for fruits and salads; we are more than likely to have anything easy to obtain, like fast food. Sleeplessness creates a false sense of danger to our body, slowing down our metabolism because it wants to maintain resources to fuel our activities.

Ensure that you are able to obtain at least 7 hours of uninterrupted rest every night, and within a consistent timing. This allows your body to easily enter sleep mode when it is time to. And please, do keep your screens away from the bed as far as possible. Another tip for you is to get in short 20-minute naps in the day to refresh yourself and your mind. It goes even further to boost your work productivity.

  1. Moderation is key

Eating a wide variety of whole foods 

Most of us find it difficult to stop when we should. I mean, when I am at the buffet, I got to make my money spent worthwhile, right? So why are you telling me not to?

Our bodies need a wide variety of nutrition to keep us going. They are working round-the-clock to process the food we consume and produce essential nutrients we need to stay active throughout the day. What we consume on a daily basis is all that our bodies have to work with. 

Moderation is not just about consuming the servings of food depicted in the food pyramid. It is also about avoiding excess consumption, and making sure that you are consuming a much larger proportion of food from unprocessed sources.

Protein and fibre helps keep you full for longer, ensure you have sufficient of them in your diet everyday.

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Share this article with your friends and family to make it a healthier Christmas this year. It is also much easier for you if they are in on this as well. 


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