5 Easy Meal Prep Ideas, Sticking To My Healthy Plate

My Healthy Plate

Get creative, get inspired! For all you busy folks, the easiest way to stick to a balanced diet is to meal prep at the beginning of the week. We use 'My Healthy Plate' (Health Promotion Board) as a simple visual guide for choosing foods. Why not try it out for a week or two, with these 5 Easy Meal Prep Ideas?

The Basics

Soba noodles

1. Chilled Noodles

Soba (buckwheat) noodles are friendly for your waistline, keeping you full for longer! This wasabi peanut soba noodles is served chilled, and can be taken out of the fridge before eating. Pair with 2 egg muffins (mentioned in 3) to increase your protein intake!

Roasted salmon broccolini

2. Classic Roasted Salmon

Season your sweet potato, broccolini, and salmon. Start baking the sweet potato for 15 minutes, then add in the broccolini and salmon. Bam! A balanced, tasty combination.

3. Egg Muffins

Egg spinach muffin

This is one of the most well-hidden meal prep hacks out there. This recipe uses spinach, bell peppers, and cheddar cheese for extra fiber and flavour. Pop a couple of these into the oven before leaving the house for a great breakkie or lunch! 

For The Adventurous

 Salads and Quinoa

Via JessicaInTheKitchen

4. Buffet-style Bonanza

Don't like eating the same thing for lunch every day? We feel you. Prep >10 versatile ingredients, including ˜2 wholegrains, ˜3 protein options, and ˜5 fruits & vegetables. Mix and match each day depending on your mood. 

Healthy Bento

5. Bento Bliss

Easily meet up to half your required intake for fruits & veggies with a versatile bento box! The result? Absolute bliss. Add Made Real's Nut Mixes for more plant protein & flavour.

We hope this got your creative juices flowing!

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