Forget Goals, Pursue Micro Moments

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Life can be broken down into days, and days into moments and moments into micro moments.

I’ve decided to use this concept in goal setting. Instead of being fixated on a particular goal, I want to chase the feel-good effect after pursuing a particular micro moment.

In an article that Tim Urban wrote, he graphically summed up how many moments he would have in his life span. It puts the brevity of life in perspective.

My list of micromoments looks like this:

[ ] Wake up early moments before sunrise
[ ] Yoga in the morning moments, feel like I own the day
[ ] Whip up a nice meal moment
[ ] Have meaningful conversations with friends moment
[ ] Make new friends moments
[ ] Dress up and feel great moments
[ ] Have a good work out moments
[ ] Learn new ideas moments

On hindsight, I realised that what made me grow this year was those moments when I visited new yoga studios, attended events to learn new ideas and met new people. Waking up early and appreciating the golden hour left me feeling so good too!  In the morning, I would open this list to remind myself that I should check some of these things off daily.

Now it’s your turn to make a list of micro moments you’d like to chase after – it can be as long as you like. Make it specific and once you’ve created the list, try to check off a few each day. You’ll find life so much more exciting and fulfilling.

Hazel TengHi, I’m Hazel – a vegan, yogi and digital nomad. My life has radically transformed since I began practising yoga in January 2016. In turn, I would like to share with you how to lead a holistic life, one filled with contentment and freedom. My current mantra is: “Stay present to feel liberated.”

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