Girls, let's get real



Listen to how we talk about food with our girlfriends. Both you and I have heard the conversations, “Oh that’s so fattening. Too much carbs.” “I definitely need to go on a diet.” The comments that come out too quickly, the encouragements to eat less. A lot of us girls battle with body image, food, and self-love.  

I don’t get it.

Actually, let’s be honest we all do. Looking at how women are portrayed these days on magazines, movies and media, it is almost impossible to be unaffected by it. We forget that people in the media industry do this for a living. It is their job to look good, and we strive to look like them. We tend to think “Oh, if I eat a little less, I can look like that.” I get it. 

We often look to diets to changing our looks. I think I have heard of so many, that I can barely count. Living in an age of aesthetics, we forget that how we look does not portray how it feels. You may think when you look good, you feel good, right? But did you know a lot of models out there are malnourished, and it may not seem like it but behind the scenes some have a low immunity system and suffer fainting spells.

Nowadays, unrealistic body types are even more prevalent on social media and it has greatly affected our generation. Be it Korean plastic surgeries which can change a person’s face entirely; Or the infamous lip augmentation that Kylie Jenner underwent, where her fats were transferred to her lips for a plumper look. These procedures are not only risky, but costly and painful as well.

Are these actions really worth it?

We all forget one thing as we go on a quest to look our ‘best’, or when we try to fit the mold of societal beauty standards. Who is this exactly for? Yourself, or the world? What is important is not your size, not how photogenic you look, not your weight, but your health. Your body is your temple. You are more important than any diet, than any sort of physical modification. Be kind to yourself.

We sometimes think that losing weight or changing our appearance is a magical solution that allows us to love ourselves. We are wrong. 

It is about learning to love your body for what it is, and loving yourself. It is about giving your body what it needs to be at its best. To truly love your body, is to treat it right. We all love food, it is in our biological nature to eat to survive.  So feed your body with nutritious food, ensure that there is a balanced amount of fiber, protein and carbohydrates. Eat proportionally– don’t starve yourself and don’t stuff yourself. Try to get in bed and out of bed early, and exercise regularly. Last but not least, you need to listen to your body and not overexert yourself.


Girls, let’s get real. We only have one body, so lets love it the best we can.


This article was contributed by Wilshia Maruli. Wilshia is an absolute foodie, who loves cooking and drawing during her free time. She enjoys experimenting new fitness trends and food joints. "You'll never know, if you never try!"

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