OMgoing: Taking Singapore By Storm With Fashion-Forward Yoga & Fitness Apparel

OMgoing sisters

We had a short chat with founders of OMgoing, Alicia and Michelle, an online yoga and fitness apparel store. The two sisters bonded over their love for fancy, sexy and durable workout gear - they both adore going to the gym 6 days a week. 

Roslyn: You ladies left your secure deskbound jobs in 2013 to pursue OMgoing. You were considerably early in the fitness apparel space here in Singapore. What pushed you to make the brave decision?

Both: We saw a considerable vacuum in the fitness apparel online space and we decided to do it. Back then like now, we were always at our studios, and we were working out 5 days a week at least so we wanted to venture into what we loved and could see ourselves doing long term too, as a team.

R: What were the toughest arguments you went through as sisters? 

B: I think being sisters makes it easy and tough at the same time. With colleagues, you carefully process your thoughts and views twice, sometimes thrice before you articulate them. With your sister, what you say is often unfiltered and very frank.

That being said, we both work for the good of the business and we discuss everything with each other. Our starting points with any big decision might not be identical but we trust that the decision that we make is always for the well being of our business and our customers. We trust each other implicitly in that.

OMgoing sisters with apparel

R: What advice do you have to others who are planning to start a business with their family members or friends?

B: I say find someone that is as driven or as motivated as you are, because anyone who thinks that doing your own business allows you to have more free time, or to make a lot of money is not being realistic. A lot of effort, long hours, hard work, tears, money has to be in the business, before you reap the rewards. And at the start and end of every day, you have to motivate each other and encourage yourself too.

R: What’s the most positive and negative experience you had while sourcing for new brands?

B: We take every experience that we have had as a learning and I don’t think we have had any negative experiences with any new brands. We have had and and are having many positive supportive brands with us and we are super glad we are in partnerships with them. We have had to let go of some of the brands along the way because of how fast paced the fitness scenes are & we need to constantly edit and find the best in the market for our customers who rely on us for that.

R: How’s your outlook for the yoga apparel scene in Singapore in 2017?

B: We certainly feel that customers have more choices now as there are more brands to try out and love. People are also willing to pay more to get something different.

OMGoing Tops and Leggings

R: What are some up-and-coming trends in yoga apparel?

B: We are seeing more cult brands emerging and less mainstream ones. Customers are slowly but surely looking into and loving high quality products that last. Mesh and laser cut styles are also very trendy now.

Fun Questions!

R: What's your spirit animal?

Alicia: Bear

Michelle: Tiger

R: What is your current favorite fitness activity / sport?

A: Hatha Yoga mostly with a variety of flow and inversion classes but I also like to mix it up with some cardio like spinning, HIIT and the occasional jogging.

M: Body Combat mostly with circuit weight classes, spinning and hot yoga.

R: If there was 1 word you could use to describe each other, what would it be and why?

A : Michelle ( protector/fighter) hahahaha

M: Alicia is our yogi

R: Favourite snack?

B: We both hardly snack in between meals but when Alicia craves for something, it would be something salty like thick-cut chips or seaweed. Michelle loves cake & croissants.

R: Favourite city?

B: Iceland!!!


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