3 Wholesome Unicorn Noodle Ideas We Love!

Healthy Unicorn noodles

Via The Indigo Kitchen

First, it was unicorn toast. Now, enter: unicorn noodles.

These stunning, dreamy noodle dishes are sure to impress any food fanatic, and can make a noodle dish so much more appealing to kids! The recipe is versatile enough to be used for pastas, rice noodles, or even zucchini noodles. Of course, the following recipes are free of artificial colouring, ingeniously using wholesome vegetables as natural dyes.

Healthy unicorn noodles falafel kimchi

Via The Indigo Kitchen

1. Glass Noodles

We love how falafel makes a great vegan dish of its own. But we just LOVE the classy combination of unicorn mung bean noodles, falafel, and kimchi. Purple cabbage and lime serves as the main agent for colouring the noodles. Works like magic.

Healthy rainbow pasta


2. Rainbow Pasta 

A smart combination of beetroot bulbs, turmeric, and red cabbage as all-natural spaghetti dyes make this an incredibly fun dish for dinner parties. 

Rainbow rice noodles

Via Anne Travel Foodie

3. Rice Noodles

Because monochrome noodles are so passé. This recipe uses rice noodles which soaks up the colours really well, although it is not completely clear. Pair with pan fried vegetables and tofu for a complete, balanced meal!

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