What Is Poke? The Ins & Outs of The Latest Food Craze In Singapore

By Roslyn Teng, one-half of Made Real.
Poke DIY

What The Poke!? The Trend Explained.

Not to be confused with the recent VR game madness, the poke (POH-keh for the uninitiated) bowl is a staple in Hawaii, a raw fish salad of sorts. As with many local food trends, it first took America by storm last year.
Poke bowls have been popping up on our feeds a lot lately. Indeed, the beautiful tiki-themed Aloha Poke set the stage late last year:
However, poke bowls have only began to go viral since last month...

Why Eat Poke?  

Wholesome & Delicious

A winning combination of lean proteins, greens, and clean carbs. It boasts a balanced nutrient profile, sure to be approved by the greatest critique. It follows a similar philosophy as sushi, where a small amount of a range of ingredients are used. That way you get little bursts of flavours and textures.

Stellar Diversity

Take your poke bowl to a dinner party, to a picnic, or have it as your lunch break. Or even get it sent to your doorstep via Deliveroo or UberEATS. Though poke is characterized by a base, fish toppings, and various greens, the number of combinations are endless. You can have it with condiments as diverse as thai chilli or hummus - the most boring it gets, after all, is wasabi mayo. Now begets the big question..

Where To Eat Poke?

Poke Restaurants in Singapore

1. Katto: The new kid on the block, great for those in the One North/Buona Vista/Clementi district. They also offer one of the more affordable poke bowls, starting at $7.90.

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2. Sprout: Offers a range of salad bowls, including Ahi Tuna Poke.  Duxtonites rejoice!

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3. A Poke Theory: CBD residents can count on their bangin' food gone healthy!

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Get down and dirty - DIY!

Tuna Poke
If cooking at home is your forte, try this 5 minute poke recipe that promises to be better than sushi! Or.. spice up your poke bowl with this classy avocado-tuna rendition.
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