What Is Poke? The Ins & Outs of The Latest Food Craze In Singapore

By Roslyn Teng, one-half of Made Real.
Poke DIY

What The Poke!? The Trend Explained.

Not to be confused with the recent VR game madness, the poke (POH-keh for the uninitiated) bowl is a staple in Hawaii, a raw fish salad of sorts. As with many local food trends, it first took America by storm last year.
Poke bowls have been popping up on our feeds a lot lately. Indeed, the beautiful tiki-themed Aloha Poke set the stage late last year:
However, poke bowls have only began to go viral since last month... 
Observing the matcha, quinoa and acai craze in the heat of the action, I can safely say that this is just the beginning for poke. Note how acai bowls also demonstrate a huge spike in mid 2013, meaning a surge in popularity. Compared to that quinoa has been getting trendy more steadily, far overtaking both acai and matcha in popular interest today. Either ways, for health food in Singapore, something that gets trendy, stays trendy. And eventually becomes mainstream.
Also interesting is that creative spinoffs abound long after a trend begins. Take the Matcha McFlurry and Matcha Probiotic Almond Milk introduced in Singapore this year for instance - matcha has already been trending for the last 3 years!

Why Eat Poke?  

Wholesome & Delicious

A winning combination of lean proteins, greens, and clean carbs. It boasts a balanced nutrient profile, sure to be approved by the greatest critique. It follows a similar philosophy as sushi, where a small amount of a range of ingredients are used. That way you get little bursts of flavours and textures.

Stellar Diversity

Take your poke bowl to a dinner party, to a picnic, or have it as your lunch break. Or even get it sent to your doorstep via Deliveroo or UberEATS. Though poke is characterized by a base, fish toppings, and various greens, the number of combinations are endless. You can have it with condiments as diverse as thai chilli or hummus - the most boring it gets, after all, is wasabi mayo. Now begets the big question..

Where To Eat Poke?

Poke Restaurants in Singapore

1. Katto: The new kid on the block, great for those in the One North/Buona Vista/Clementi district. They also offer one of the more affordable poke bowls, starting at $7.90.

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2. Sprout: Offers a range of salad bowls, including Ahi Tuna Poke.  Duxtonites rejoice!

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3. A Poke Theory: CBD residents can count on their bangin' food gone healthy!

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Get down and dirty - DIY!

Tuna Poke
If cooking at home is your forte, try this 5 minute poke recipe that promises to be better than sushi! Or.. spice up your poke bowl with this classy avocado-tuna rendition.
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