Q. May I get a trial box?

You may sign up for a one-month subscription. If you enjoy your Oh-Goodies! box (we bet you will!), you may sign up for a longer subscription subsequently.

Q. How does the subscription work?

All you have to do is choose your subscription length and make payment securely via paypal. We’ll deliver a whole new set of snacks each month to your doorstep — it’s completely fuss-free! We usually release the line-up for each snack box at the beginning of each month.

Q. I have certain allergies. Could I make a special request to exclude it from my order?

Of course! While we try to avoid allergenic ingredients, you may still make a request to change particular item(s) in your snack box if you are allergic to them. Simply drop us a line at [email protected] with your invoice number and request.

Q. I’ve placed my order on dd/mm/yy. Why haven’t I received my order?

If you’ve placed your order before the middle of the month, we may not have released the boxes yet. You’ll receive it in about 1-2 weeks — Apologies for keeping you in suspense! If you’ve placed your order after the middle of the month, we’re likely still processing your order. You can expect to receive it before the end of the month.

Q. How does the marketplace work?

The marketplace supplements our Oh-Goodies! snacks — it allows you to select and order more of your favourite snacks! After the release of each edition of Oh-Goodies!, we will launch the items inside in our marketplace. You may make payment securely via paypal or via bank transfer.

Q. I love Made Real’s vision of empowering our generation with a more positive self- and body-image. How does this foray into healthy snack subscription boxes help?

We believe that balanced eating is one of the means through which we can achieve a better positive self- and body-image. Basically, when you eat well and listen to your body, you look and feel healthier! Besides that, we will channel proceeds from Oh-Goodies! sales into developing content and programmes for organisations/institutions, as well as organizing events that help spread our cause. We are grateful for all those that have supported us on our journey thus far!
Homepage infographic source: Freepik