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Empowering Confidence and Happiness Through a Balanced Life
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About Made Real

Made Real empowers young adults with a more positive self- and body-image through nutrition, self-love, and fitness. We aim to rally support for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, which is essential for physical and mental well-being. From fitness junkies, to average joes, to people facing health difficulties, Made Real is the local advocate for a wholesome lifestyle that can lead anyone to be a better version of themselves.

(Image Source: In The Loop) A smoothie sensation has hit Singapore! For me, it started with Smoothie King. I really appreciated that Smoothie King displayed the calorie and macro (proteins, sugar, fats) information and the exact ingredients in every smoothie! Of course, calories are not everything, but together with macros they do form a good…


Get with the program guys! IT’S 2015! To celebrate the New Year, Made Real has BIG news to announce. Where do we even begin?! First up, we’re throwing a party and we’re celebrating YOU! The Be-YOU-tiful Carnival is a health and fitness bazaar featuring the launch of Made Real’s Oh-Goodies! Snack Box. The event offers…


We all know how difficult it can be to say no to another drink at a party. It becomes even more difficult to refuse when we want to drink as well. We also have a rough idea of the harms of alcohol, and may have this in mind while deciding whether to have a drink…


Hi all, my name is Ariel and I have written a few articles about fitness on Made Real! I will be sharing my journey through the treacherous terrain of body image, calorie counting and exercising. Early Experiences For as long as I can remember, I have been conscious about my body. Specifically, though, I do…


Want to burn those calories without breaking a sweat? Swimming may be the perfect option for you! Swimming is a sport that can burn the most calories within a given amount of time, without exerting immense pressure on your skeletal system. I was 8 when I first learnt how to swim. It was strenuous as…


Simply put, pole dancing is a unique amalgamation of dance and sports. On one hand, I could be swinging it out to Taylor Swift’s Blank Space. On the other hand, I could be at pole practice attempting to perfect my moves. Whichever it is, pole dance always leaves me sweating and wanting more. I first…


Voted as the world’s healthiest sports by Forbes magazine, squash has all the right attributes to suit your needs- whether you’re looking to burn some calories or to have a competitive game. There really is no hiding place on the squash court and it’s a real battle of wits and skills. Furthermore, it’s played indoors….


How does the idea of calmly gliding over ocean water sound to you — Exciting? What if I told you the same activity could be a great source of exercise as well? Double Awesome! The sport in question is … Kayaking. For all you nature enthusiasts, this sport has plenty to offer. The day I first…


Well, finals are over for me, and I realised how important nutrition is during exams. So I thought I would put together yet another post for my ‘Eating Healthy in College’ series to share with you guys some of the tips to eat well and nourish both your mind and body during exams You can…


Every time I tell people I played water polo in junior college, they respond with surprise and awe. Girls’ water polo is not too common a sport in Singapore. It appears to have its own barrier of entry – not only must one know how to swim, one must also be relatively strong in it….

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