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Empowering Confidence and Happiness Through a Balanced Life

Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.
– Oprah Winfrey

My legs are the skinniest part of my body (because genes), but I remember how much I used to HATE my legs. I hated every part of my body because none of it was skinny enough. I wanted a thigh gap so bad! I scoffed at articles talking about how we should be grateful for what we have (legs) because some people don’t even have them. Are you serious? A disabled person might hate that he doesn’t have legs, but an abled person like me hates that I have fat legs; what’s the difference man?

On hindsight, how very foolish of me. I have legs to walk! I have legs to run and do burpees and be healthy. I have legs to work off the excess unhealthy weight. I have legs! How much more do I need to have before I can start being grateful?

Truly, gratitude isn’t about how much you have. It’s your perspective towards whatever you have.

Anyway, today we bring you some legs workout so enjoy! *evil laughter*

Warm up

1. Bodyweight squats


Reps: 20
Sets: 3

2. Walking lunges


Reps: 10/leg
Sets: 3

3. Squat jumps

Processed with Moldiv

Reps: 15
Sets: 2

4. Air skipping

Basically, skipping without a skipping rope.
Reps: 100


1. Goblet squats – Narrow & wide stance


Tip: If you find that your heels lift off the ground when you squat, a.k.a you cannot do an asian squat without toppling over backwards, your calf muscles are probably tight so stretch stretch stretch!

Tip #2: You can hold the dumbbell closer to your body if you want to; I like to hold it further away because it works my lats as well heh heh. If you hold it like I do, your back be aching the next day!

Reps: 8-12 (for each stance)
Sets: 3-4 (for each stance)

This is an asian squat, btw (hahahahahahah):

That guy with the blue towel (back facing camera) is the one who can’t keep his heels on the ground! So if that’s you, try stretching out your calves! I can’t do an asian squat too. :(

2. Glute bridge pulse


THIS BURNS, I TELL YOU. This freaking burns!!! *Cue set fire to the rain*

Reps: 20
Sets: 3-4

3. Donkey kicks


This burns too. Your ass be burning. Bonus burn points if done right after each set of glute bridge pulse without resting.

Reps: 20
Sets: 3-4

4. Weighted walking lunges


Tip: Get everybody out of your way because you’ll be doing:

Reps: 10/leg a.k.a 20 walking steps
Sets: 3-4

Tip #2: Remember to keep the force on your heels, not your toes else you’re setting yourself up for a knee injury.

This kills everyone I know. It’s not just crazy on the muscles, it’s crazy cardio-isn stuff.


Stretches: Inner thighs and opens up the hips, mainly!


Stretches: glutes & back of your thighs. If you can’t flatten your legs against the floor, your muscles are really tight.



Stretches: Inner thighs, groin and hips :>

The end of your free-weights legs workout! Next up: Machine workouts for legs. Stay tuned!

Veronica Ang

Written by Veronica Ang

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