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THESE, are your obliques. Yep, those highlighted in blue. They form part of your core and abs, so today we’re gonna train them. We’ll be using warm-ups that you are already familiar with, if you have seen Wednesday’s post on ab workouts, so you have a chance to practise and perfect them!

Warm up

1. 5 min jog/run

Switching things up a little… Too much ab exercises make me bored, honestly. Heh.

2. Crunches


Reps: 30
Sets: 3

3. Bosuball crisscross
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Warm up the obliques a little…

Reps: 20
Sets: 3


1. Russian Twist
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Use your obliques to twist you from side to side, not your arms. Keep your core engaged, back as straight as you can keep it, and at a 45 degree angle. You can do this with your heels lightly touching the floor or off.

Reps: 20-25
Sets: 3-4

2. Side plank pulse

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Get into a side plank position, elbows under your shoulders. Lower your hips to touch the floor, and use them obliques to get you back up again.

Reps: 15-20
Sets: 3-4

3. Heel touch

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Again, head stable, and crunch the obliques as you move side to side and touch your heels.

P.S, this is a very unforgiving photo T.T

Reps: 15-20
Sets: 3-4

4. Side bends

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Bend over as low as you can, and crunch that oblique when you stand up. I can’t really go too far because my lower back and obliques are mad tight, so this is my max. Gotta work on stretching them! :\


Stretching for obliques is fairly simple, just do a side bend and hold it in the end position. Use a lighter weight for the stretch and be active with your stretch! Don’t just hold it there and expect the weight to do the stretching for you.

Next up: Legs series! Very excited to share with you my legs workout because I LOVE legs day. Even though they leave me walking like a penguin after…. Can’t believe we are almost halfway through! Hope it has helped yall get started in the gym. Alright, I’ll see you on Wednesday! Till then, KEEP UP THE HEALTHY HABITS! :)

Veronica Ang

Written by Veronica Ang

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