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Number 3 of my Eating Healthy in College series is something that would resonate with two kinds of people. The late-risers who are always rushing to class cause they woke up late, or the over-achievers who never have time to sit down and enjoy a leisurely meal cause their schedule is packed.

Okay, jokes aside, I’m sure many of us have struggled with eating well on the go, especially with fast food outlets sprouting up everywhere. Today, I’ll share with you seven tips, as I always do, on how to keep up with your health even as you rush between classes.

However, I don’t encourage eating on the go all the time. Try to set aside enough time to sit down and enjoy your meal rather than rushing from place to place. You’ll feel more satisfied and recharged as well :)

Eating Healthy On the Run

1) Snack Smart!


I’m infamous for having food with me all the time. I carry muesli/granola bars, crackers and trail mix with me pretty much all the time. These help to tide me over until the next meal, and ensures I’m not ravenous and ready to inhale anything in sight when I get to eat my meal.

It’s really easy to make your own trail mix, just combine dried fruits and nuts and voila! I like cranberries, raisins,  (dark chocolate coated) goji berries with walnuts, almonds and cashews. Feel free to mix anything you like, it’s your trail mix after all. Some people like adding M&Ms/bits of dark chocolate to satisfy their sweet tooth, while others like to throw in pretzels for more crunch.

Hardboiled eggs are an awesome snack too.

2) Drink your veggies!


It’s rather hard, not to mention unglamorous, to eat vegetables when you’re on the run. Even veggies in sandwiches tend to fall all over the place. My tip for you guys would be to drink your veggies instead. I like to drink Apple-Beetroot-Carrot Juice or Carrot-Green Apple or Carrot-Orange, or basically any flavour combination you like :)

3) Plan Ahead!


If you know you have a busy day ahead, why not pack a healthy lunch for yourself to eat on the run? A tuna and egg sandwich is a good choice. PBJ or PB-Banana sandwiches are keep well too! Enjoy your sandwiches with a fruitshake (fruit + milk + ice blended = fruitshake!) for a healthy and satisfying meal. Or perhaps drink some warming soup to go with your sandwich. Mmmm.

4) Healthy Takeouts!


Fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. You could grab sushi on the run, a sub from Subway, a rice ball filled with ingredients (QQ Rice), wraps/sandwiches from any nearby shop. Add on a juice/fruitshake or a nice cup of soya milk perhaps and you’re good to go.

5) Start your day right!


Having a substantial breakfast in the morning helps me to get my day going, and ensures that I don’t end up starving before lunch. Starting your day with a balanced meals of eggs, beans and toast, or oatmeal or a sandwich and a hot drink is good to help you focus and to get in important nutrients early in the day.

If it’s going to be your only sit-down meal, make sure you eat a proper wholesome breakfast, and not just a bowl of cereal to fuel your day! When I say balanced/wholesome, I mean in terms of protein, carbs and fat… don’t eliminate one or the other, they are all good for you.

6) Opt for the nutrient-dense option!


Since you probably don’t have much time, you should aim to get more bang for your buck (or bite haha). Opt for nutrient-dense foods like avocados, nuts, milk and eggs. Protein helps to keep you full too, so your tummy won’t be growling and distracting you from your work.

7) Eat Regularly!


One thing people end up doing when they are short on time is to skip meals. On the contrary, you shouldn’t skip meals as you’ll end up hungrier and will eat more at the next meal, and may even opt for the unhealthier options cause you are simply starving.

Even if you’re on the go, keep up with your meals, and snack in-between to keep your blood sugar stable and your focus up :D


As I always say, don’t go crazy on the food rules. Give yourself some room to enjoy yourself and eat what you like!

Well, there you have it! 7 simple ways to eat well even on the go :)


These tips are for those crazy days, but I still strongly recommend giving yourself a break during mealtimes, and actually taking the time to sit down and enjoy your meal. Even better? Ask some friends along, and energise yourself over lively banter. Don’t get too caught up in the fast-pace in college (or in life for that matter), it’s important to stop and smell the roses too!

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Andrea is the founder of Foogo! a local food blog where she shares her fresh perspective through reviews, recipes and more! A passionate believer in a zen-inspired lifestyle, Andrea propounds the harmonization of mind, body and soul as the key to a healthy life.[/author_info] [/author]

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