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We all know how difficult it can be to say no to another drink at a party. It becomes even more difficult to refuse when we want to drink as well. We also have a rough idea of the harms of alcohol, and may have this in mind while deciding whether to have a drink — this infographic sums it up.

When alcohol is so ingrained in our culture, perhaps the option is not to avoid it completely. Instead, we could choose to control our amount of drinking. Moderate drinking refers to 1 standard drink per day for women, and 2 standard drinks per day for men. A standard drink approximates to 1 can of regular beer, half a glass of wine, or 1 a sip of spirit (slightly less than a shot!). 1) Here are some tips to practising moderation:

1. Avoid binge drinking
Binge drinking occurs when one takes in large amounts of alcohol within the short period of time, with the intention of getting drunk.2) It helps to plan your drink intake beforehand, and to let your closest pals know beforehand. By enlisting the help of your trusted friends to watch over you, you feel accountable to manage your alcohol intake. Alternatively, you could opt for a nifty app that tracks your alcohol intake such as DrinkControl, AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker, or Drinkaware. Sip your drinks and pace your alcohol intake over a longer period of time also prevents binge drinking.

In addition, avoid drinking on an empty stomach as it leads to quicker alcohol absorption. Drink on a full stomach and while hydrated — this will also prevent you from feeling that you have “space” for more drinks.

2. Choose non-alcoholic drinks
Should you decide not to drink altogether, or if you’ve had enough to drink, opt for iced water, or mixers like diet soda or orange juice without the alcohol. In the darkness of bars or clubs, people will hardly be able to tell the difference. You will also avoid feeling left out for not having a drink in tow. Focus on the positive: if you’re enjoying the good company and the chilled-out atmosphere, there wouldn’t be a need to get drunk in the first place!

3. Opt for drinks with lower calories
At bars, choose beers that are lighter, or cocktails that are less sweet like classic margaritas or mojitos. Ask for less sugar or syrup — you’d be surprised how bartenders are willing to fulfill your special requests! If you’re hosting a party, use sugar-free sodas and mixers. If the recipe calls for fruit juice, try to use freshly-squeezed juice.

Keep in mind the many harms of alcohol while you’re on a night out or at a house party. Know your limits and go with the end goal of a fun night, rather than getting wasted. Lastly, team Made Real wishes all readers a Happy New Year!


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