Made Real is a subscription lifestyle service that keeps you healthy and happy, one better snack at a time. We form intimate partnerships with local independent producers to craft products good for your body and soul. We help you build a wholesome relationship with food where excitement, balance and fulfillment come together.

What We Stand For

1. Balance

We live in a fundamentally unbalanced, anxiety-ridden world. We forget to treat our bodies well. We are dissatisfied with how we look. We resort to drastic diets, exercise regimes, in a bid to reap the benefits of the next "quick fix". 

Made Real calls a stop to this negativity -- We advocate instead a wholesome lifestyle that goes beyond the extremities of the modern day diet. We believe that neither clean eating nor junk food, self-imposed starvation nor overeating, is sustainable or conducive for you. We believe in a middle way, one that is determined by listening to your own body.

2. Confidence

Health does not occur in a vacuum. It is physical, mental, and spiritual. Nutrition affects us in unexpected ways -- Repeated intake of sugary foods could make us feel sluggish, for instance. We feel rejuvenated after a workout session, causing us to feel pumped, energetic, and motivated. At the same time, health is intertwined with how confident we feel about our bodies, and determines how far we're able to utilize our bodies to actualize our dreams.

Made Real promotes open discourse to eliminate the taboo of discussing body-image issues, which are more pertinent than ever in today's media-obsessed world. We hope that individuals with a negative sense of self can recover a spirit of positivity through good nutrition, an active lifestyle, and an optimistic outlook. We are deeply in touch with the relationship between wellness and confidence, and hope to bring this to our community. 

3. Independence

We stand for the makers, the ones who put in time, energy, and thought to shape your foods. They know what has gone into the food, and are unashamed to tell you what exactly went in -- Because there are no nasties! Every independent producer we worked with has a story, has a face, and put in a whole lotta heart to do what they love, and to share their creations with you. In choosing independent food brands, we're connecting with the source of our food, in so doing giving us better control over what we put into our bodies, and who we support in our daily lives as consumers. Since our inception, we've featured the best of local producers, and will continue bringing them to the forefront for our supportive, enthusiastic community. 

Our Team


Made Real co-founder Robin

CEO, Co-Founder

Passionate, Driven, and Ambitious. She is always ready for adventures and challenges. Like many others, her journey with health & fitness started with her observation of "role models" and a desire to appear fit. Taking part in a fitness pageant made her realize that fitness for appearance's sake was unsustainable, and that balance was the way to go.



CMO, Co-Founder

Roslyn loves learning, exploring, and a good laugh. A vegetarian for 5 years and counting, she's perpetually on the look out for great plant-based foods. Her health journey started with a desire to lose weight, reaching its lowest in her anorexic period. Since then she has bounced back with double the strength and positivity, dedicated to spreading her love for hearty and wholesome foods.

Featured Ambassador: Tyen

One of the most positive, enthusiastic trainers we know, also featured as the face of our site. 

I was always underweight and unhealthy. I'd always be the shortest and the skinniest. I wasn't particularly unhappy with the way I looked, but I often felt unhappy and weak. When I was 16, I developed clinical depression and suffered with it for almost 2 years. I lost more weight and became even weaker.

It was then that I realized I needed to make a change. I started going to the gym, lifting, and more importantly eating better. Beyond how I look, fitness has improved my mental and emotional well being. I feel confident and happy and I became a personal trainer so that I could help other people like me find happiness and peace within themselves.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected].