About Us

Made Real offers a subscription service that provides you with snacks to keep you healthy and happy, and to improve your lifestyle!
Through partnerships with local producers, we curate products for you based on your nutritional needs, health goals, and dietary preferences. We deliver our wholesome snack boxes on a regular basis, right to your door step!

What We Stand For


Due to our fast-paced lifestyles, we often forget to treat our bodies well by eating healthy and exercising regularly. We resort to “quick fixes” - drastic diets and exercise regimes -  that drain our minds and bodies, leaving us unhappy and unsatisfied. We advocate instead for a wholesome and holistic lifestyle, where we learn to listen to our bodies and strike a balance between healthy eating and helpful exercising.


Staying healthy is not just a physical task, it’s also mental and spiritual. Our health is connected to how good we feel about our bodies, so when our health suffers, so does our confidence. Made Real strives to promote open discourse on body-image issues, which are often taboo in today’s media-driven world. By promoting good nutrition, an active lifestyle, and an optimistic outlook, we hope to create a positive and supportive community - the Real Food Tribe!


Every independent producer we work with has a meaningful story. They’ve put in a whole lotta heart to do what they love, and to share their creations with you. In choosing independent food brands, we're connecting with the source of our food. This gives us better control over what we put into our bodies, and who we support in our daily lives as consumers. Since our inception, we've featured the best of local producers, and will continue bringing them to the forefront for our supportive, enthusiastic community.

Our Team


Robin Lim
CEO, Co-Founder

She believes the best learning occurs outside of one’s comfort zone, one should never be afraid of pushing boundaries. She’s excitable, optimistic and driven, never one to shy away from challenges or risk. An avid supporter of diversity in entrepreneurship, she hopes to be an inspiration for young founders in Singapore.


Roslyn Teng
CMO, Co-Founder

A vegetarian for 5 years and counting, she's perpetually on the look out for great plant-based foods. Her health journey started with a desire to lose weight, reaching its lowest in her anorexic period. Since then she has bounced back with double the strength and positivity, dedicated to spreading her love for hearty and wholesome foods.


Ray Song

Optimistic. Practical. Enterprising. Enjoys food, guitar and witnessing amazing technologies.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line!