Healthy Snack Box Subscriptions

Choosing Your Subscription

Q. What's in each box?

Fill in the quiz to get your customized box! Each box contains 6 products, about 2 serving sizes each. The snacks are specially selected to meet your preferences and goals.

Q. How do I decide which subscription suits me best?

One Made Real Snack Box has 6 products, with a mix of independent producers and our in-house brand. If you are a heavy snacker, we recommend getting the weekly subscription. Light snackers should get the monthly subscription. If you choose not to complete the quiz, you can build your own box under Your Snacks

Q. I have certain allergies. Could I make a special request to exclude it from my order?

Of course! Simply indicate your allergies in the quiz.

Q. Can I subscribe for a friend?

Of course! To order for a friend, simply key in your friend's name, shipping address, and mobile number at Checkout.

Managing Your Subscription

Q. I will be traveling. Is it possible to pause my subscription?

Yes, you may drop us a line with your registered name and email address in order to pause your subscription. Do give us one week’s notice before changes are reflected in your billing.

Q. I would like to change my subscription frequency.

Do drop us a line with your registered name and email address. Changes will take effect after one week.

Billing & Delivery

Q. How will I be billed?

You may make payment securely via credit card or PayPal. You will be billed according to your subscription frequency (I.e., Order for 4 week subscription placed on 06 Jul, next billing date would be 06 Aug.) 

Q. When will I receive my delivery?

Indicate your preferred delivery day at the cart page. Along with our delivery partners, we'll try our best to accommodate your schedule. Order processing and delivery usually takes 2-3 working days. 

Q. How do you deliver your products?

We deliver our products via courier and registered mail. If you have a preference, indicate it under Order Notes at Cart.

Q. Are you able to do same-day deliveries?

Same day deliveries can be made for orders placed before 12pm. We will inform you if we cannot meet your same day delivery request.

Q. I would like to recycle my snack boxes. How can I do so?

We are working on a recycling programme for all our subscribers. If you have more than 10 boxes in good condition, you can reach out to us and we will arrange a pickup of your folded boxes on your next delivery. You can also reuse your boxes for clothing, accessories, or stationery storage.   We are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint, and would love to hear any ideas or suggestions you have!