Healthy Snack Box Subscriptions

Q. May I get a trial box?

You may sign up for a one-time box. If you enjoy your Balanced Snack Box (We bet you will!), you may sign up for a longer subscription subsequently.

Q. I have certain allergies. Could I make a special request to exclude it from my order?

Of course! While we try to avoid allergenic ingredients, you may still make a request to change particular item(s) in your snack box if you are allergic to them. Simply key it in under “Order Notes” at the cart page, or drop us a line with your order number and request.

Q. How do the individual subscriptions work?

All you have to do is choose your subscription length and make payment securely via credit card or PayPal. We’ll deliver a whole new set of snacks each month or twice a month to your doorstep — it’s completely fuss-free! We release each edition of our snack box based on a monthly theme.

Q. How do the team subscriptions work?

Select the number of people in your team (1-5/6-10). Like the individual subscriptions, we will delivery a selection of snacks each or twice a month month to your office. If you'd prefer custom snack packs for your office or event, message us to arrange a quick call. We will assess your office/event needs and curate a selection of wholesome snacks accordingly.

Q. Can I subscribe for myself and for a friend?

Of course! To order for a friend, simply increase the number of subscriptions selected, and key in your friend's name, shipping address, and mobile number at your Cart.

Q. When will I receive my delivery?

Indicate your preferred delivery date and time at the cart page - It's that simple! Snack boxes can be sent to you within the same day for orders placed before 12pm, and usually take up to 3 working days. 

Q. When will I be billed?

You will first be billed upon check out. For subsequent billings, our standard billing date is the 5th of each month (for 4-week orders), and 5th/19th of each month (for 2-week orders).

Marketplace for Healthy Snacks 

Q. How does the marketplace work?

Like what you've tried in our snack boxes? The marketplace you to select and order more of your favourite snacks. After the release of each edition of our Balanced Snack Boxes, you may find the individual items in the marketplace. 

Q. When will I receive my delivery?

Likewise, do indicate your preferred delivery date and time at the cart page. Depending on the products selected, marketplace orders can be delivered on the same working day, or up to 7 working days.